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Little Daisy Hair Comb - Swarovski pearl version

L'atelier de bon

Little Daisy Hair Comb - Swarovski pearl version


Inspired by Little Daisy, this hair comb is like delicate flowers scattered on your hair.

  • Price all based on USD
    Swarovski pearl beads
  • Silver-Plated wires applied
  • Attached on a hair gold/ silver hair comb
  • Measures around 
  • Model is wearing gold color for reference
  • Made to order, allow 14-21 days for production excluding shipment time


*All items are made to order, since everything are man-made, there will be a slightly difference on each product. All sizes & details are indicated on our description, please check the details carefully before placing your order.

*We use Premium Swarovski Crystals & Pearls on most of our product, other main materials are also indicated on our description. Please note Swarovski Pearl is a high-quality imitation pearl but they are not real pearl. When real pearls are applied we will indicate “Fresh Water Pearl”on details.